The XIT Museum is located in Dalhart, Texas in the corner of the Texas Panhandle where US Highway 54 and US Highway 87 intersect. Dalhart is approximately 40 miles from the New Mexico state line and approximately 40 miles from the Oklahoma state line.

Dalhart is accessible from US Highways 87, US Highway 54 and US Highway 385. US HWY 87 runs northwest to southeast and is the primary highway to access Dalhart from Dumas/Amarillo to the south and Texline/New Mexico in the north. US HWY 54 runs northeast to southwest and is the primary access of Dalhart from Oklahoma from the north and New Mexico from the south. US HWY 54 joins to Interstate 40 90 miles southwest of Dalhart in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Easily accessible from any entry into Dalhart, the XIT Museum sits one half block off of US Highway 54, on 5th street between Denver Street (US HWY 54) and Denrock Avenue (Main Street) in downtown Dalhart. Landmarks near the museum include the Dallam County Courthouse, which is located at the corner of 5th street and Denver Avenue (US HWY 54), directly across the street from the museum.
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