Educational Trunks:

What is an educational outreach trunk?
The outreach trunk is a treasure trove of artifacts relating to a specific subject.

Who can use the trunks and how much do they cost?
The lesson plans are available for kindergarten through 5th grade (but may be modified to fit your needs). The trunks are free but you will be asked to replace any items lost while in your care.

What trunks are available?

Cowboy Trunk: This trunk is a treasure trove of artifacts relating to the history an heritage of the American Cowboy. Some of the items included are a teachers manual with background information and related activities, chaps, spurs, bedroll, saddle, branding iron, barbed wire, historic pictures, books and other related articles.

Insect Trunks: Two trunks are available, one for kindergarten through third grade and one for fourth and fifth grade. Included is a teachers manual with related information. Students will enjoy hands on items such as viewing your insect in a magnifier box, puppets, puzzles, educational games, interesting books, videos and much more.

Butterflies: The butterfly trunk is full of interesting information on the study of butterflies to use with your school curriculum. The trunk comes with a teachers manual, templates that you may copy, lots of activities, educational videos, puzzles, hand puppets, magnifier glasses, photos, books and much more.

Early Settler: This is a new trunk which contains a series of books and a teacher's activity guide which will help your students learn what life was like in the early days. Also included are a game, video, washboard and tub and many other items that were used by the early settlers. Let your students discover some of the early toys that were enjoyed by young children.

Indians: Another new trunk full of artifacts such as arrowheads, mano & matate, moccasins, rabbit skins, drum, pipe and beaded bag, videos and books dealing with indian homes to legends. Try on clothing worn by Indians; use the talking feather and much more. Also included is a teachers manual and other activities to be used in your classroom.

To reserve your trunk, call the museum at 244-5390. Trunks are available for one week free of charge and can be delivered.


Summer Youth Programs at the XIT Museum are a rotating series of educational classes designed at providing fun, informative education for youth in 3rd-5th grades. Summer 2003 brought a wildlife lesson through making a birdfeeder out of a garden variety gourd.

Summer also brings the XIT Museum reading program for youth ages 8-12. The reading program, in it's second year under the direction of Katie Janke teaches the history and heritage of our area through books and activities planned and carried out at the Museum.

Pictures from past programs

For times and schedules, please consult our Museum Calendar.